One knob fuzz


This is a silicon fuzz. The only control is an output volume control. Adjust the amount of fuzz with the guitar volume. It doesn’t clean up much when you turn down the guitar volume. Like most fuzz pedals, it has a low input impedance and will sound very different if put behind a buffered pedal. Or if used with active pickups.


It is built on vero (prototype) board with high quality parts. The enclosure design can differ from the one in the picture.
It is true bypass and should be powered with a good 9V DC power supply using a standard Boss style 2.1mm center negative tip plug.

Here are some chords. P90-style pickups, neck + bridge.

And here is a demo using a strat-style single humbucker guitar, and later a vintage Hagstrom Swede with Seymour Duncan Phat Cat P90-style pickups.