Frequency Control Fuzz

This is a buzzy, gated fuzz with a very pronounced mid scoop. The circuit is inspired by the Shinei Companion FY-2. It has an extra output gain stage, so it can be very loud. And the best thing is that you can change the mid frequency from around 100 Hz to a bit above 1 kHz. For the moment it comes in two flavours: with two knobs (the output level and the mid frequency control), or with an additional clean blend control. The gain is adjusted with the volume control on the instrument. It also has a switch to bypass the tone control, which gives it a very different fuzz sound and makes it even louder.

var-mids-fuzz-3It is built on vero (prototype) board with high quality parts. The enclosure design can differ from the ones in the pictures.
The pedals are true bypass and should be powered with a good 9V DC power supply using a standard Boss style 2.1mm center negative tip plug.



And a demo with guitar:

And with bass (even better in my opinion)