Filter Overdrive (Systech Ovedrive clone)

The Systech Overdrive was made in the mid 70s by Systems & Technology in Music, Inc. in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Systech was a collaboration between Greg Hochman (Keith Emerson’s Moog tech) and Charlie Wicks (who founded Pro-Co, home of the RAT).It has a sweepable, Wah-like EQ, an MC1458 and hard clipping diodes. It’s a buffered bypass pedal and is old-school sturdy, weighs around 1.4 kg.

I have built a clone that is more pedalboard friendly. It also is true bypass. It uses the 1458 opamp, like the original, but I used metalfilm 1% resistors and box capacitors. The 1458 is important to get the the sound from the original, even it works with about any dual opamp (4558, TL072).

How does it sound? First the original:

And comparing with the clone: